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Le lendemain de la victoire by Neije Le lendemain de la victoire :iconneije:Neije 1 0 The morning after the victory by Neije The morning after the victory :iconneije:Neije 6 0
The Root of the SeeD (FF8): Chapter 4
Raine, Ellone and Squall walked out of the lively restaurant as the sun was setting, casting a gorgeous pink and orange light across the sky. Squall and Raine were both a bit light-headed from their many farewell drinks, although Ellone attributed their mood to them just having fun.
“Haa, lovely evening, isn't it?” Raine commented.
“Yeah, it was a nice note to end on,” Squall agreed.
Squall was surprised by how well Raine could hold her liquor, although he supposed that a self-respecting pub owner should be able to handle a few drinks. They were enjoying the fresh air on their way back home, with Ellone happily swinging her mother's hand while singing. Squall was observing the scene, lost in thoughts and not quite sure if the warmth he was feeling was from the alcohol or their cheerfulness.
“Family life. Seems nice. I didn't grow up with it, but maybe I could get used to it with Linoa. Well, eventually. There's no rush.”
They arrived at Ellone's pare
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The Root of the SeeD (FF8): Chapter 3
From upstairs, Squall heard the front door slam shut and the building fall quiet. He reckoned Raine and Ellone had left. That was an opportunity he had to seize. Walk out, find a discreet spot and focus on Linoa so she could find him. He waited for a couple minutes to make sure they weren't coming back right away, then walked down.
"Raine didn't warn me they were leaving. She must assume I'm sleeping, though it must also mean they won't be gone long. Not long enough for me to reach Linoa. I have to hurry, but not rush."
On the off chance that Ellone was still here, he made sure to walk down slowly and quietly, although the creaky stairway still gave away his presence. "Dammit, I would make a poor spy," he thought. "My area of expertise always was more in combat than stealth."
Thankfully, nobody took notice of him, which confirmed that he was alone. He made his way towards the entrance, reached for the doorknob and the door opened before he even had time to touch it. Raine gasped as she
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The Root of the SeeD (FF8): Chapter 2
Squall once again woke up, hoping it was just a weird dream caused by the ovelry rich lunch he, Linoa and Ellone had. But no, it wasn't. As he looked around, he recognized the same room he had woken up in earlier. He sat on the edge of the bed and buried his face in his hands.
“Okay. Okay. I am in the past. My mother is alive. The past. Raine is a small child. The past. Mom is alive.”
He could barely think. He couldn't deny what he had just seen, and yet it didn't make any sense. Yes, the Time Compression had allowed him and his team to travel through time before, but this was a unique, almost impossible event. Squall was fighting hard to calm down and decide what to do.
“Right, so it looks like my first impression was right, something went wrong during the experiment, but it's even worse than I thought. I wasn't just teleported, I went back to the past. God, I can't believe my mother's he-NO! Focus! I have to make sure I interact with as little as possible. I wouldn'
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The Root of the SeeD (FF8): Chapter 1
The excitement was palpable in the room of the Estharian presidential palace. Squall, Ellone and Linoa were all here for a special occasion.
“Alright, are you guys ready to do this?” asked Ellone with an eager smile.
“Yes!” Linoa answered excitedly. “Healing magic and teleportation are nice and all, but it's good to finally be doing something a bit more sexy!”
She had recently decided to try and learn to use the time manipulation powers she inherited from Ultimecia. And while she tried to make it look like she merely wanted to do it out of curiosity, Squall knew better. For her, being able to control Ultimecia's powers would prove that she is stronger than them and wont let them take her over. It had been a year since they defeated the sorceress and Linoa felt ready to face her powers. This is why, as her knight, and as her man, he enthusiastically agreed to be her test subject.
They decided to go ask Ellone for help, as she also had time travel powe
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Le lendemain de la victoire
Salut tout le monde! Ça fait trop longtemps que j'ai rien mis en ligne, surtout pour ce qui est des dessins. A ma décharge, je me suis enfin trouvé un boulot à temps plein et évidemment, ça me bouffe pas mal de temps. En plus de ça, j'ai vraiment envie de faire des trucs plus variés que des portraits, de faire des trucs coloriés et ombrés.

Ce qui nous amène à la pauvre Quistis, qui a juste envie de se poser et de prendre un petit déjeuner tranquille avec ses potes pour fêter la victoire contre Ultimecia, et qui doit se taper leurs mamours. Pas facile d'être la seule célibataire du groupe.

J'ai surtout voulu travailler la perspective et les arrières-plan, car je trouve que ce sont mes talons d'Achille, et je trouve que je m'en suis bien sorti. Évidemment, y a encore du boulot, mais ça marche pour cette planche. Ça me donne espoir pour la suite, au moins. :P
The morning after the victory
Ladies and gentlemen, behold! I have returned! Yeah, seriously, it's been way too long since I posted anything, let alone anything drawn. I'll blame that on the fact that I finally got a full-time job. Of course, I also really want to do more coloured and shaded stuff, and tell stories rather than just make portraits.

So here you have it, one of those things that's been rumbling through my head for a while now. Poor single Quistis having to endure her friends all being lovey-dovey while she just wants to sit down and have a nice, quiet celebratory breakfast.

Hope y'all enjoy this! I'm always trying to get better at backgrounds and perspective and I think this turned out pretty good. Still a lot to learn, obviously, but it works. Oh yeah! This is also one of the first things I've inked by hands in ages and it looks a lot better than I expected! I think it actually gives my line art more personality. I did clean it up with Photoshop, though.

If you want to see more of my art and/or more FF8 related stuff (such a comparison of the English and French translations of the game I'm currently doing), you can check my blog at




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