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Linoa la corrompue :iconneije:Neije 1 0 With great powers come great prank opportunities :iconneije:Neije 5 0 Sketch Challenge: Napstablook's Ghostea Party :iconneije:Neije 6 0 Sketch challenge: Voltron meets Voltron :iconneije:Neije 10 1 Sketch Challenge: Y2J doesn't like flashes :iconneije:Neije 0 0 Sketch Challenge: the fowly of birdkind :iconneije:Neije 0 0 Sketch challenge: Miss Turducken :iconneije:Neije 3 2 Sketch Challenge: Perfume Plum Hat :iconneije:Neije 0 0 Alexa Bliss Batman-style coloured :iconneije:Neije 8 0 Sketch Challenge: Alexa Bliss Batman: AS-style :iconneije:Neije 3 0
Open Hand (FF8)
“This train is now leaving Timber Railroad Station”. As the little chime played and the train rumbled off, Squall finally started to calm down a bit. They were safe. Well, not in immediate danger anyway, which was a step up. Still, he could feel how tense the atmosphere was. Zell was quiet, a change of attitude Squall would normally welcome, but he knew it showed how exhausted and distressed he was. Linoa took a deep breath while petting Angelo, trying to calm her nerves and Selphie was pacing anxiously. Only Quistis seemed to be keeping her composure. The experience from previous missions, Squall guessed.
Squall thought he had to say something. He wasn't much for conversation; even he could see how awkward he could be in social situations but as the designated leader of the squad, he felt it was his duty to try and keep the team's spirits up. And if he was completely honest with himself, he was starting to have a growing respect for them after everything they'd been throug
:iconneije:Neije 1 2
Triple Triad Time! :iconneije:Neije 8 4 I made meself an avatar :iconneije:Neije 4 0 Tasty Treat inked :iconneije:Neije 4 0 Sketch Challenge: Pika-start :iconneije:Neije 3 0 Sketch Challenge: Luke Cage meets Luke Cage :iconneije:Neije 4 0


Slowga Commission: FFVIII: Rinoa :iconernz1318:Ernz1318 118 10 Squad B :iconskribleskrable:skribleskrable 102 11 Edea :iconannakemushi:AnnaKemushi 15 6 480 :iconmayakern:mayakern 270 8 Ronin (Colors) :iconvinartworks:VINARTWORKS 8 0 Ronin :iconvinartworks:VINARTWORKS 12 2 People Art - Nata coaching - MAD School :iconmadschool:madschool 2 0 Dream Piano :iconpuftprin:PuftPrin 19 18 Relm - FFVI :iconjingsketch:jingsketch 32 5 A Sudden, Violent Gust of Wind :iconpuftprin:PuftPrin 7 4 Spike Spiegel sketch :iconaaronminier:aaronminier 199 20 FF8- What if....... :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,897 371 The Prayer behind the Veil :icongreno89:greno89 1,019 26 girl in fashion #2 :icongreno89:greno89 294 5 The Sorceress' Knight (2) :iconpuftprin:PuftPrin 5 3 Drinking game :iconauriond:auriond 266 60


Linoa la corrompue
Une version francophone de cette BD:…

C'est une idée qui me trottait dans la tête depuis des mois et je me suis enfin décidé à la dessiner. Ça m'est venu à l'esprit en me demandant comment se passerait l'entraînement à la magie entre Edea et Linoa. Elle aurait sans doute très envie de montrer ses nouveau talents à Squall, et quelle meilleure façon y a-t-il de le faire que de les présenter en utilisation? Vous devez bien admettre que vous pouvez imaginer Linoa faire ça.

Je suis pas 100% satisfait de l'effet de mouvement dans la deuxième case. C'est pas trop mal mais je pense que je peux faire mieux. C'est quelque chose à travailler. J'ai aussi songé à rajouter des ombres et de la lumière mais finalement, j'ai préféré garder les choses simples, d'autant que me connaissant, j'y serais encore dans un an si je me met à rajouter des tas de détails comme ça.

Ah et puis Squall porte un blue jean plutôt que son pantalon noir parce que j'avais envie de plus de couleurs.
With great powers come great prank opportunities
Here is a French version :…

Hurray! A coloured comic! I think it's my first? At least since getting my DA account.

Admit it, you just know that Rinoa would absolutely use her powers to prank people.

This is an idea I've had in my head for months and I finally got around to bringing to life. It came to me while wondering how magic training would go. Rinoa would probably be very excited to show off her new skills to Squall, and what better way to do so than to show them immediately in practical use?

Not super happy with the speed line of Rinoa. I think they're okay but I don't know, it feels like there's got to be a better way for me to convey speed. I considered shading the comic but I wanted to keep it simple and I know I would have spent the rest of my life on this if I kept adding small details like that.

Oh yeah and I gave Squall blue jeans instead of his usual black pants because I wanted more colours. Plus, one of his alternate outfits in the new Dissidia game has him wearing blue jeans, so it's canon. Because everyone obviously cares about the canonicity of pants.

I originally had a slightly different idea for this. It was almost identical but Linoa would appear out of a wall and walk into the scene, with Edea peeking from the portal in the third panel, but then I realized that the headmaster's office doesn't have any real wall to speak of, and I figured that the effect would be even stronger if she appeared from his desk. Plus, I really like the visual of her leaning on the desk from inside it.

I wonder where their feet go when they're like that?
Sketch Challenge: Napstablook's Ghostea Party
The request was "How about Napstablook, Mad Dummy, and Mettaton having a tea party with a bunch of Boos from the Super Mario Bros games?".

I actually finished my first Undertale playthrough for this as I wanted to find out if there were some references I could use and after I did, I couldn't wait to get to this one as I immediately got tons of ideas, especially Mettaton holding his tea with his legs. Admit it, you can totally see him doing that.

And you may have noticed, especially if you've checked my other sketches, that I added a personal touch to the request. I just seemed too good an opportunity to let it go to waste.

I would have liked to show Mad Dummy from the front but I also didn't want the Undertale characters to be all bundled at the same side of the table. I also originally wanted the Boo on the bottom right corner to be shaking and/or sweating to show that he is starstruck by Mettaton but it ended up looking weird so I scraped that idea.

This, however, marks my final request for now (I do intend to take more in the future) as I would like to focus on more personal projects, including a pipe dream of making a comic. Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'll stop posting as I have plenty of ideas and motiva- I mean... determination.




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